Women & Success: Teens Talk About Hard Work

Mandalynn Talks Women Issues on Voice America: Kids Podcast

This week I had the pleasure of being on a lovely podcast run by young women on VoiceAmerica Kids with teen hosts Asya Gonzalez and Katie Choo. There are few things I love more than women working in this crazy industry, especially young women. We had a blast talking about a screenplay I just finished writing which I talk about in my next post. Coupled with creating characters that true to age and reality, women in business and the benefits of hard work. It’s lovely to sit and talk with people who understand the hurdles you have to overcome as a woman in business, especially at a young age.

Being A Young Women In Business

Mandalynn Carlson in Los Angeles
Mandalynn Carlson: A 17-year old Actress, Screenwriter, Director and Producer

One of my favorite questions asked was ‘do I think being a young woman was a hardship or a benefit to my career.’ I will forever answer this question the same way. When you are the minority in a situation or when you aren’t always taken seriously because of your age or gender or disability, it makes you work a thousand times harder. I honestly would not change a thing because I had to and still have to work harder than anyone else to earn the respect of men who would otherwise write me off because I am 17 years old. It continuously fuels the fire inside of me and makes me want to inspire change.

Someone very close to me (who I won’t name) continuously tells me that the reason for all of his success is because he is dyslexic. It always pushed him to be the best he could possibly be and work harder than anyone else to overcome obstacles. That fire and that drive pushed him ahead and allowed him to become an international star.

Surrounding myself with people who are hard working like that also gives me the drive to keep working. Talking about change will never incite the change. We NEED to stand up and decide that we will be the ones who will MAKE the change, not just talk about it. I’ve decided that I am going to be part of this next generation who fights for equality in all aspects.

The VoiceAmerica: Kids Interview Podcast

My segment is about 14 minutes into the show and full of topics I am passionate about. Find the podcast here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2014

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Photo Credit: Cody Sullivan, Los Angeles, CA

Posing for ‘The Starving Artists Project’

My publicists at Red Walk Talent PR set the meeting with celebrity photographer Michael Bezjian and his non-profit The Starving Artists Project. I hadn’t heard of the organization and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. The non-profit organization is staffed by about a dozen volunteers. Stylists, hair and make up artists, product placement specialists, photographers, greeters, photo editors. It was really amazing to walk into the place and see it abuzz. It wasn’t long before I realized their time and talents are making a difference.

What The Starving Artists Project does

Most people don’t realize what a struggle artists have to get to the top. Aptly named, The Starving Artists Project, photographer Michael Bezjian and friends give back by paying it forward. Any musician, actor or artist can come to the studio and have a headshot or publicity shot and pay what they can.

My Experience

I arrived with a couple clothing options and went straight away into hair and makeup. Jade Martinez of Moonstar Cosmetics sponsored the makeup session and Raoul and I spend about an hour chatting while he applied anti-aging mineral makeup with peptides to my face. I loved it!

Next, was Hair. I normally don’t do a lot to my hair in my day to day life. I’m a wash and go type of gal. After a brief discussion, we decided to toss a little more natural-looking curls into my look. Hair genius, Daniel Gravel took me from my everyday look to wow! I loved the hair!

After hair and makeup, the stylist selected my look from what I brought and I was ready for my quick session with Getty Image photographer Michael Bezjian. My first look was in vintage Pink Floyd concert shirt that I had customized. Michael had been to that opening concert. He and I chatted while he was taking the photos about great rock and roll bands….something I am passionate about. He gave me one of his vintage Aerosmith concert shirts as a little token. Thank you, Michael. I’m still loving this gift from you!!!

I met an awesome human being named Olga Kay. You may know her from YouTube. She is an influencer, entrepreneur and entertainer. I’m looking forward to collabing with her on a project in the near future. She has such great, creative ideas. We kinda meshed. Check out her cute socks, www.mooshwalks.com 

Sponsored by:

One of my looks was accessorized by my sponsor Rocksbox who sent me a beautiful bangle and ring (photo on my insta) to wear. Check them out. They offer a monthly shipment of carefully selected-for-you pieces for subscribers to wear. Keep what you wish to purchase and return those you aren’t crazy about. So, far, I’ve been pretty happy with my selections. Use my code mandalynncarlsonxoxo to get a free month. The pieces are cute and free is worth a try.


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Family movie Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent on Hulu Movie!

Family film Fishes 'n Loaves
Mandalynn Carlson and Nicole Criss in family movie Fishes 'n Loaves: Heaven Sent!
Mandalynn Carlson and Nicole Criss in family film Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent!

Are you looking for a fun family movie to watch? Check out Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent on @Hulu Movie! The film stars Dina Meyer, Patrick Muldoon, Bruce Davison, Mandalynn Carlson, Brandon Tyler Russell, Dominique Swain, Billy McNamara,  and Nicole Criss.



Roadside Stars is an Official Selection at the Brooklyn Web Fest

Roadside Stars Webseries

rss“I’m happy to announce the pilot episode of Roadside Stars webseries filmed this past April is an Official Selection in the Brooklyn Web Fest,” states Mandalynn Carlson, is a series regular as teen daughter SAM LAMBERT.

The festival’s website states, “BKWF celebrates original episodic content that does not fit into the traditional categories of ‘film’ and TV,’ while acknowledging that the line between formats has become increasingly blurry. We strive to award innovation and encourage excellence in the field, while arming our content creators with strategies for distributing, monetizing and promoting their work to the widest possible audience: the world wide web.”

The original webseries is an Official Selection in the category recognizing Character Work. The festival is weekend of October 7-8, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY. Roadside Stars is a webseries that will focus on the rock and roll aspect of family dynamics and relationships. Gene Loveland and Mandalynn Carlson play father and daughter and the grandmother is played by Oscar nominee Candy Clark (American Grafitti).

Roadside Stars is a family drama about a wanna-be musician who left his wife and daughter in search of fame and fortune. JACK LAMBERT must step up when his daughter is left without a mother and is being cared for by his mother who has Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Indie Series Network blog, “The winning series will receive meetings with the entire 2016 Executive Board, which includes representatives from the top digital networks, MCNs, advertising agencies and distributors. Participating companies include IFC, Vimeo, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Scalelab, Above Average, TubiTV, Open TV, Black&Sexy TV, KollideTV, JimCo, Mustache Agency, BRaVe Media Ventures, Creator Up!, Converge Media Group, Don Buchwald & Associates, Wolfe Video and Go Team Entertainment. Press partners who have agreed to feature the winning series include Indiewire, Tubefilter, Televisual, Snobby Robot, Serial Scoop and the Indie Series Network.”

Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent to be available at Walmart

That’s right! Copies of my upcoming film “Fishes and Loaves: Heaven Sent” can be snapped up at the local Walmart stores this fall. It is my 6th title in two years to be carried by the world’s largest retailer. I should get a medal or something. lol.

Lionsgate has schedule release of the family film in early September. It can be ordered through Walmart.com at the link below and then streamed online as well as your own copy of the DVD.


MyTrivia from the set of “Fishes and Loaves: Heaven Sent”

Behind the scenes celebrating my real birthday on set
Behind the scenes celebrating my real birthday on set
  • FNL:HS was the second time Patrick Muldoon played my father in a movie and the second time I was in a movie with Dominique Swain. This is the 4th film I worked under the Nander Entertainment banner.
  • I celebrated my 16th birthday on set and the cast and crew got me a cake. I wasn’t prepared for that. Thank you, guys. The photo here is with my friend Patrick wishing me a happy one!
  • My on-camera dog “Yoda’s” real name is Peppy Criss and she is the sweetest little doggie. Just love her. She belongs to our director, Nancy and her daughter Nicole. Peppy and I shared a trailer.
  • I prepared for the role of “Chrissy” who was a vegan, by eating the same foods for months before filming began. Who knew eating vegan could make one feel so healthy and light.
  • When I first came to LA to figure out acting and pursue my dream, the first person I met was Brandon Tyler Russell. We got to work together four years later on this film.


Pat Muldoon as my dad in the movie and my REAL dad in the background. So coooolll!!!
Pat Muldoon as my dad in the movie and my REAL dad in the background. So coooolll!!!

Mandalynn Carlson joins the cast of original family drama series “Roadside Stars”

manda instagram shot
Carlson as troubled teen SAM LAMBERT

A true-to-life drama, Roadside Stars is the intricate story of an insecure, but determined, father, an unstable grandparent, and a young girl, each struggling to find their way home. Journeyman musician Jack Lambert (Gene Loveland), whose never-was career got sidelined by women, booze, and blow, finds himself as the sole-caretaker to his estranged, teenage daughter Sam (Mandalynn Carlson) after her mother loses the battle with cancer. Sam’s grandmother (Candy Clark) is suspicious of Jack’s intentions, but has to contend with the realization that she may be suffering from dementia. It’s time for Peter Pan to grow up, but Jack may not be ready for his new burden of responsibility. Sam may not be ready to accept his help after years of taking care of the family on her own.

Roadside Stars
Creator and director Gene Loveland and Mandalynn between scenes.

Mandalynn embraces the opportunity to play a character with lots of layers. Not just the daughter or the trouble maker, but a strong woman character that she believes teens and young adult women will identify with. “Many of my past roles as a troubled teen dealt with easy to solve problems. This series will allow me to dive into real teen issues and family crisis. I think the young audience will identify with what Sam has to deal with,” says Carlson.

Creator and director, Gene Loveland says about Carlson, “…She’s playing more than just a troubled teen. She’s going to be running the show.  She is the adult in the family and has to work through a lot of teen angst to get there.”

Filmed in Los Angeles, the pilot episode has been completed and the trailer should be out in coming weeks. Academy award nominee Candy Clark stars as GRANDMA LAMBERT and Carlson said she learned so much just watching her create a complex, but loveable character. “I am really excited to work with Candy. She is so amazing to watch,” says Mandalynn. “Kudos to casting (Billy DaMota and Dea Vise). They brought in very talented people to this project. I feel lucky to be part of the cast.”

Oscar nominee Candy Clark, producer David Niles White and Mandalynn Carlson on the set of /Roadside Stars

The series will feature original songs from Gene Loveland, who has a Bruce Springsteen quality to his music and future episodes will feature both established and up and coming artists.

Filming of the second episode is slated sometime this fall. Roadside Stars information can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Roadside Stars is produced by Green Trailer Productions, LLC and One on One Productions, LLC.

Fishes & Loaves HEAVEN SENT trailer released by Lionsgate

I ha031398247944d a great time filming this faith family film. It was the second time I worked with Patrick Muldoon and Dominique Swain. I loved working with everyone and learned from Dina Meyer and Bruce Davison. Such a great bunch and awesome chemistry. Fishes & Loaves: Heaven Sent is the story about a pastor and his family and their journey to a new town.

Chrissy Michaels (Mandalynn Carlson) in a scene with Yoda (Peppy).
Chrissy Michaels (Mandalynn Carlson) in a scene with Yoda (Peppy).

This family film is going straight to DVD. Lionsgate release the trailer today. Click the DVD cover to see the new trailer. The old trailer along with a DOVE review here: http://www.dove.org/review/11837-fishes-n-loaves-heaven-sent/.


Amazon.com is taking pre-orders for the DVD, which will be released on September 6, 2016.

Award-Winning Actress takes home two awards


UPDATE from post from 2/15/2016: I won both categories. Best Actress in a Feature Film for DVD for my work in “A Horse For Summer” and Best Guest Starring Actress age 14-21 in a Television Drama for my episode on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

ORIGINAL POST DATED 2/15/2016: My work was nominated for awards in two categories at this year’s 37th Annual Young Artist Awards ceremony. I was nominated for my starring role as Summer Dean in Nandar Entertainment’sA Horse For Summer.” which was released in early 2015. A guest starring role on ABC Television’s long-running hit series, Grey’s Anatomy also received a nod from the nominating committee.

To be nominated alongside some really great up-and-coming actresses, who are also friends and acquaintances, was the honor. Being in the company of their greatness. No speak was prepared because I really didn’t expect that my name would be called. But I won.

“A Horse For Summer,” written by Ken Lemm, follows Summer (Mandalynn Carlson), a troubled teenager, steals money to save a horse on her uncle’s farm. When the pastor finds out why she took the money and forgives her, his compassion and understanding change her way of thinking. The movie also stars Dean Cain, Christopher Atkins and Lee Meriweather.


TERRI MINTON as Anna Walsh, NICOLE CRISS as Sarah Walsh.

Directed by actor/director/producer Kevin McKidd, my episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” titled “Sledgehammer” was the season premiere for season 12. The storyline follows “Jessica Tanner” and her girlfriend “Aliyah” who have an unfortunate accident.


Honored to be a part of a story that is touching people worldwide.

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired on September 24, 2015 on ABC has turned out to be one that has touched the hearts of anyone who has seen it. I am honored to be a part of that story line. Love should be unconditional. Period.

Bullying is hurtful. It’s wrong. The pain can last a lifetime because words are easy to toss out and can never be taken back.

I have been vocal about bullying for many years. I’ve traveled around to schools talking about it, have been written up in magazines giving suggestions on how to deal with bullying in school and I’ve posted in social media about it. This is the second project I have filmed that has dealt with the subject of bullying.

I am amazed at how this show has been received. People are still tweeting about almost a week after it first aired. Gifsets were made were made and Vines were created. But one that really stuck out was this video that someone named Eleni created. She took the episode and created a story just about “Jess and Aliyah’s” storyline. Thank you Eleni. This is beautiful.