Movies are like a box of chocolate…you never know what you are going to get.

IMG_8876I know, that’s not really the quote from the movie Forrest Gump. I took creative license with the quote. I think it is representative of the movie business, as well as chocolate. Both of them I love more than you know!

A Horse for Summer has been accepted into two film festivals (only submitted to two so far, so Nandar Entertainment is batting 1000%) and has been selected as official selections in both festivals.  It also got a distribution deal with WalMart (impressive for sure).  But WAIT! That’s not all. It’s now been selected to be the subject of a special screening as a charity fundraiser. Read this news from Director Nancy Criss’ facebook page:

How exciting our movie A Horse for Summer – the movie was chosen by the community as a special screening to benefit Monrovia Kiwanis, part of AOF giving back to the community that supports the festival each year! Way to go #teamnandar. We screen at 6:30 on August 22, please come support us! Nandar EntertainmentChristopher AtkinsNicole CrissMandalynn Carlson,Terri MintonKen LemmTaylor & DodgeTracy WrightTeri Lee and all the rest of the great cast and crew.

I’m really excited. Someone pass me that box of chocolate, please. It’s time to celebrate!

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