Small Town Santa Releases in Time for Christmas.

Small-Town-Santa-FINALHoliday Miracle FranceI was really surprised to see that I am on the cover of both versions of a movie I made with Dean Cain and Christine Lakin. It’s called Small Town Santa in the US and will be available to purchase from by December 1, 2014. The same movie is called Le Miracle de Noel, which translates to it’s original name Holiday Miracle in France.

This was such a fun movie, made in my home state of Michigan. I really enjoyed the story and playing Dean Cain’s daughter.

Small Town Santa is a fun holiday comedy that you can watch with everyone in the family. Grandparents will like it, kids will love it and parents will feel good about bringing it home and putting it in the DVD player. It has a little bit of romance, a lot of fun antics between Santa, elves and the law. I have a really fun scene but I’m not going to spoil the movie by talking about it here.
Small Town Santa - what country
Trivia: The director wanted to film a scene with snow and that month I was in Michigan, it wasn’t snowing. We got the call in the afternoon that said be on set by 9pm. The director said we had snow coming and were going to shoot the scene. I was in my hometown that was about three hours from set. We quickly packed up and headed to the other side of the state in the middle of the biggest snow storm of that season, which took double the time to get there! Worth every snowflake dodged because the scene is perfect and beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see it.

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