Girls Benefit From Positive Thinking

byouThe April 2015 issue of BYOU Magazine with Kelli Berglund on the cover, is all about girls, teens and positive thoughts. I try so hard to be positive about everything, but especially about me and what I think about myself. In this business, that’s a tough task. I know you understand, it’s hard to be a teen today.

BeYourOwnYou is a magazine with positive celebrity role models, self-esteem tips, girl-world advice, posters, quizzes, crafts, games, giveaways, contests, silly stuff, and so much more!

I was asked to write an article to fit the theme of the issue and I sat down and shared what I do every day. I explained what I do to keep my spirits lifted and me moving in a positive direction. Hollywood is a crazy business and can be very negative. Teen girls know that school is a crazy place and can also be very negative. So can the workplace. BYOU has their own app. Download it, it’s free and you get to read a trial issue with the download. Each issue is only $2.99 for a digital download.

I would love to know what you think about the article I wrote. Will you exercise the power you have to influence what happens in your own life through thoughts and positive ideas? Did you do the daily exercise? Did it work and what was the results? I know that spending time working on the “inner you” pays off.

It’s been a while since my article ran, and since then, there have been some really awesome issues, featuring two girls I have worked with – Piper Curda and Olivia Holt, both from Disney’s “I Didn’t Do It.” Check out their issues, too.

Thank you BYOU Magazine for featuring my writing.  My article is here:


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