Honored to be a part of a story that is touching people worldwide.

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired on September 24, 2015 on ABC has turned out to be one that has touched the hearts of anyone who has seen it. I am honored to be a part of that story line. Love should be unconditional. Period.

Bullying is hurtful. It’s wrong. The pain can last a lifetime because words are easy to toss out and can never be taken back.

I have been vocal about bullying for many years. I’ve traveled around to schools talking about it, have been written up in magazines giving suggestions on how to deal with bullying in school and I’ve posted in social media about it. This is the second project I have filmed that has dealt with the subject of bullying.

I am amazed at how this show has been received. People are still tweeting about almost a week after it first aired. Gifsets were made were made and Vines were created. But one that really stuck out was this video that someone named Eleni created. She took the episode and created a story just about “Jess and Aliyah’s” storyline. Thank you Eleni. This is beautiful.

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