Mandalynn Carlson joins the cast of original family drama series “Roadside Stars”

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Carlson as troubled teen SAM LAMBERT

A true-to-life drama, Roadside Stars is the intricate story of an insecure, but determined, father, an unstable grandparent, and a young girl, each struggling to find their way home. Journeyman musician Jack Lambert (Gene Loveland), whose never-was career got sidelined by women, booze, and blow, finds himself as the sole-caretaker to his estranged, teenage daughter Sam (Mandalynn Carlson) after her mother loses the battle with cancer. Sam’s grandmother (Candy Clark) is suspicious of Jack’s intentions, but has to contend with the realization that she may be suffering from dementia. It’s time for Peter Pan to grow up, but Jack may not be ready for his new burden of responsibility. Sam may not be ready to accept his help after years of taking care of the family on her own.

Roadside Stars
Creator and director Gene Loveland and Mandalynn between scenes.

Mandalynn embraces the opportunity to play a character with lots of layers. Not just the daughter or the trouble maker, but a strong woman character that she believes teens and young adult women will identify with. “Many of my past roles as a troubled teen dealt with easy to solve problems. This series will allow me to dive into real teen issues and family crisis. I think the young audience will identify with what Sam has to deal with,” says Carlson.

Creator and director, Gene Loveland says about Carlson, “…She’s playing more than just a troubled teen. She’s going to be running the show.  She is the adult in the family and has to work through a lot of teen angst to get there.”

Filmed in Los Angeles, the pilot episode has been completed and the trailer should be out in coming weeks. Academy award nominee Candy Clark stars as GRANDMA LAMBERT and Carlson said she learned so much just watching her create a complex, but loveable character. “I am really excited to work with Candy. She is so amazing to watch,” says Mandalynn. “Kudos to casting (Billy DaMota and Dea Vise). They brought in very talented people to this project. I feel lucky to be part of the cast.”

Oscar nominee Candy Clark, producer David Niles White and Mandalynn Carlson on the set of /Roadside Stars

The series will feature original songs from Gene Loveland, who has a Bruce Springsteen quality to his music and future episodes will feature both established and up and coming artists.

Filming of the second episode is slated sometime this fall. Roadside Stars information can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Roadside Stars is produced by Green Trailer Productions, LLC and One on One Productions, LLC.

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