Roadside Stars is an Official Selection at the Brooklyn Web Fest

rss“I’m happy to announce the pilot episode of Roadside Stars webseries filmed this past April is an Official Selection in the Brooklyn Web Fest,” states Mandalynn Carlson, is a series regular as teen daughter SAM LAMBERT.

The festival’s website states, “BKWF celebrates original episodic content that does not fit into the traditional categories of ‘film’ and TV,’ while acknowledging that the line between formats has become increasingly blurry. We strive to award innovation and encourage excellence in the field, while arming our content creators with strategies for distributing, monetizing and promoting their work to the widest possible audience: the world wide web.”

The original webseries is an Official Selection in the category recognizing Character Work. The festival is weekend of October 7-8, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY. Roadside Stars is a webseries that will focus on the rock and roll aspect of family dynamics and relationships. Gene Loveland and Mandalynn Carlson play father and daughter and the grandmother is played by Oscar nominee Candy Clark (American Grafitti).

Roadside Stars is a family drama about a wanna-be musician who left his wife and daughter in search of fame and fortune. JACK LAMBERT must step up when his daughter is left without a mother and is being cared for by his mother who has Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Indie Series Network blog, “The winning series will receive meetings with the entire 2016 Executive Board, which includes representatives from the top digital networks, MCNs, advertising agencies and distributors. Participating companies include IFC, Vimeo, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Scalelab, Above Average, TubiTV, Open TV, Black&Sexy TV, KollideTV, JimCo, Mustache Agency, BRaVe Media Ventures, Creator Up!, Converge Media Group, Don Buchwald & Associates, Wolfe Video and Go Team Entertainment. Press partners who have agreed to feature the winning series include Indiewire, Tubefilter, Televisual, Snobby Robot, Serial Scoop and the Indie Series Network.”

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