Women & Success: Teens Talk About Hard Work

This week I had the pleasure of being on a lovely podcast run by young women on VoiceAmerica Kids with teen hosts Asya Gonzalez and Katie Choo. There are few things I love more than women working in this crazy industry, especially young women. We had a blast talking about a screenplay I just finished writing which I talk about in my next post. Coupled with creating characters that true to age and reality, women in business and the benefits of hard work. It’s lovely to sit and talk with people who understand the hurdles you have to overcome as a woman in business, especially at a young age.

Being A Young Women In Business

Mandalynn Carlson in Los Angeles
Mandalynn Carlson: A 17-year old Actress, Screenwriter, Director and Producer

One of my favorite questions asked was ‘do I think being a young woman was a hardship or a benefit to my career.’ I will forever answer this question the same way. When you are the minority in a situation or when you aren’t always taken seriously because of your age or gender or disability, it makes you work a thousand times harder. I honestly would not change a thing because I had to and still have to work harder than anyone else to earn the respect of men who would otherwise write me off because I am 17 years old. It continuously fuels the fire inside of me and makes me want to inspire change.

Someone very close to me (who I won’t name) continuously tells me that the reason for all of his success is because he is dyslexic. It always pushed him to be the best he could possibly be and work harder than anyone else to overcome obstacles. That fire and that drive pushed him ahead and allowed him to become an international star.

Surrounding myself with people who are hard working like that also gives me the drive to keep working. Talking about change will never incite the change. We NEED to stand up and decide that we will be the ones who will MAKE the change, not just talk about it. I’ve decided that I am going to be part of this next generation who fights for equality in all aspects.

The VoiceAmerica: Kids Interview Podcast

My segment is about 14 minutes into the show and full of topics I am passionate about. Find the podcast here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2014

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Photo Credit: Cody Sullivan, Los Angeles, CA

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