Mandalynn Carlson

The Outcasts Premiere

Had a great time at the premiere of Victoria Justice’s new movie “The Outcasts” last month in Westwood. Twist Magazine covered the event and the link below has some red carpet photos from the event.      

Mandalynn Talks Women Issues on Voice America: Kids Podcast

Women & Success: Teens Talk About Hard Work

This week I had the pleasure of being on a lovely podcast run by young women on VoiceAmerica Kids with teen hosts Asya Gonzalez and Katie Choo. There are few things I love more than women working in this crazy industry, especially young women. We had a blast talking about a screenplay I just finished writing[…]

Posing for ‘The Starving Artists Project’

My publicists at Red Walk Talent PR set the meeting with celebrity photographer Michael Bezjian and his non-profit The Starving Artists Project. I hadn’t heard of the organization and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. The non-profit organization is staffed by about a dozen volunteers. Stylists, hair and make up artists, product placement specialists, photographers, greeters,[…]

Roadside Stars Webseries

Roadside Stars is an Official Selection at the Brooklyn Web Fest

“I’m happy to announce the pilot episode of Roadside Stars webseries filmed this past April is an Official Selection in the Brooklyn Web Fest,” states Mandalynn Carlson, is a series regular as teen daughter SAM LAMBERT. The festival’s website states, “BKWF celebrates original episodic content that does not fit into the traditional categories of ‘film’ and TV,’ while[…]

Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent to be available at Walmart

That’s right! Copies of my upcoming film “Fishes and Loaves: Heaven Sent” can be snapped up at the local Walmart stores this fall. It is my 6th title in two years to be carried by the world’s largest retailer. I should get a medal or something. lol. Lionsgate has schedule release of the family film in[…]

Mandalynn Carlson joins the cast of original family drama series “Roadside Stars”

A true-to-life drama, Roadside Stars is the intricate story of an insecure, but determined, father, an unstable grandparent, and a young girl, each struggling to find their way home. Journeyman musician Jack Lambert (Gene Loveland), whose never-was career got sidelined by women, booze, and blow, finds himself as the sole-caretaker to his estranged, teenage daughter Sam[…]