Roadside Stars Webseries

Roadside Stars is an Official Selection at the Brooklyn Web Fest

“I’m happy to announce the pilot episode of Roadside Stars webseries filmed this past April is an Official Selection in the Brooklyn Web Fest,” states Mandalynn Carlson, is a series regular as teen daughter SAM LAMBERT. The festival’s website states, “BKWF celebrates original episodic content that does not fit into the traditional categories of ‘film’ and TV,’ while[…]

Mandalynn Carlson joins the cast of original family drama series “Roadside Stars”

A true-to-life drama, Roadside Stars is the intricate story of an insecure, but determined, father, an unstable grandparent, and a young girl, each struggling to find their way home. Journeyman musician Jack Lambert (Gene Loveland), whose never-was career got sidelined by women, booze, and blow, finds himself as the sole-caretaker to his estranged, teenage daughter Sam[…]