June is almost here??

This year has flown by and I am both shocked and excited! I recently graduated with 3 Associates Degrees and a Certificate! Taking the summer off before I start on my Bachelor’s and Master’s at the same time. In that break, I hope to complete a short film that I am in the middle of the beginning stages. So exciting!

More to come about that short and what drove me to write it (hint: it’s based off of a real person) but it’s been extremely empowering and frustrating at the same time. Trying to make sure I do the story justice while keeping it true to the nature of the person it’s based off of.

7 more months in the year and the possibilities are endless.

Oh! A show I worked on last year just came on Amazon to stream! Check it out. It’s called Class Act and it’s a bit of insight on actors in the industry and what we go through in acting classes and how our personal lives carry into that.

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